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My name is Marli. I’m 14 and I’m English. Most of my readers currently are people I know and so you know this. But expanding this blog is my dream. I don’t want fame, but I love helping people. Anyway, let me tell you a few weird facts about me.

  • I am a Sagittarius
  • I played the violin for 7 years
  • I also love playing the piano, guitar and singing very loudly when nobody is listening
  • I am planning to take Geography, French, Computer Science and Music for my GSCEs
  • I have never travelled out of Europe but am going to America in 2019!
  • I skied from age 5 to 9 then snowboarded ever since (and I love it)
  • I look exactly like my Great-Grandma did when she was my age.
  • My favourite Netflix show is PLL (that ending though, still shaking)
  • I learnt to write in HTML 3-4 years ago (still not that good though)
  • I have a very addictive personality, I will obsess over something for about a month then forget all about it.
  • I had a cat named Kitty and have a dog called Ellie
  • I can hold my breath for approximately 47.99 seconds.
  • Most foundations and concealers make me look like I’ve been on holiday in the sun for a year as I am so pale.
  • I have had ombr√© hair and pierced ears since Christmas 2016
  • One of my biggest fear is death, well, more like not knowing what there is after death
  • My second biggest fear is the sea. I hate it. Bleughh.
  • I am not religious in any way
  • I have worn glasses full-time since I was very small.

I’m really tired and can’t think of anything else so, here ya go!

Lots of love, Em Xxx

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