Why I Swapped to Contacts Full-Time

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I have worn glasses since I was three or four and have worn them since. I have tried loads of styles and lots of colours, but when I was about 10, I fancied a change, so I tried contacts. I hated them! They went in fine, but then when it was time to take them out, it was not fun. I think one of them fell out, or came out of my eye without me noticing. I was scraping my eye to try and get it out but it wasn’t there. I had to call over one of my mum’s friends and she tried to get it out but it still wasn’t there.

Then again when I was 14 I tried them again. I found them a lot easier and used them for skiing. After that I didn’t really use them but then slowly I got into using them. Now, at 15  and 1/2, I absolutely love wearing them.

I always loved wearing glasses but now I wear contacts full time. Something changed suddenly and I wanted to wear contacts. Sport, school, theatre group. Everywhere. There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses, but they didn’t feel like a part of me anymore. It wasn’t me and I felt fake wearing them. I mean, that comes with it’s own downsides because when I have to wear them once a week as a rest day to give my eyes a break, I don’t like it but I still have to!

Whatever you choose to wear, you are always beautiful.

Speak soon.

Love, M Xxx

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