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Hello everyone! Just apologising for posting a lot recently! I have been flooded with a lot of ideas since I have now recovered from my serious condition, ‘Blogger’s Block’. However, here is another post for you about what is on my phone.

Because I am very fortunate to have a phone with such a large amount of storage, I can have a lot of apps, I’ll share them with you.

  • Headspace – a great meditating app that I have mentioned previously in a post, go check out ‘The Benefits of Meditating’
  • Google Keep – I replaced my iPhone notes with this, it’s so much more organised and your notes can even be in colours! What is there not to like!
  • Spotify – My Family has a family premium account and I listen to music everywhere, awkward situation? Music. Long Journey? Music. Friday night? Music. Yeah, I love music. Follow my Spotify @marli.ella
  • Fitbit – I have a Fitbit so,
  • Clue – as Period trackers go, this one is my favourite!
  • WordPress – for writing blogs on the go.
  • Bloglovin – for reading other blogs on the go
  • Puzzlerama – This is one is my favourite puzzle/game/logic game. I’ve been playing this for ages!
  • I Love Hue – Block of closely hued colours and you have to make the picture. Really fun definitely recommend.
  • Goat Simulator – A crazy, badly animated (which makes it funny, it’s on purpose) hectic game where you can complete missions, unlock different goats, it’s insane but I love it. I got it while it was free app of the week, it’s actually £4.99!
  • Goatz – Again, another version of the game, but I paid for it.
  • Waste of Space – Again (I’m not obsessed okay!)
  • Hellopet – A game where you can buy pets with cookies and earn them. you can also decorate the room they’re in. I have 19 pets. (I told you! I get obsessed! But they’re so cute!)
  • Instagram – yep, the obvious one! (follow me @marli.ella (shameless self-promo))
  • Snapchat – Yep, again, obvious one.
  • Google Photos – Unlimited photo storage space. All your problems solved, even transferring from phone to phone!
  • Pinterest – *sigh*
  • Photo Candy – Pretty good editor for a free app!
  • Facebook – The Facebook we all know and love but I hardly use it
  • Move – Just my bus app, it’s actually really helpful…
  • Kahoot – Helpful for school revision
  • Duolingo – Incredible free language learning
  • Forest – Revision again, stops you using your phone by threatening to kill your adorable pet tree.
  • Quizlet – Revision
  • Word – The Microsoft Word we know and love, just on your phone. Cool.
  • Office Lens – This app is great for taking pictures of teacher’s whiteboards and important documents you need on your phone. Take the picture from any angle and it will resize it for you!
  • Amazon – Online Shopping.
  • Barclays – Managing my bank balance
  • myGiffgaff – Managing my Mobile Data
  • Youtube – As a heavy user of Youtube, getting the app is a great idea.
  • Splice – Good film editing
  • Boomerang – Makes awesome little 3 second clips for Instagram!
  • iMovie – Simple but effective editing for great videos for school projects and more
  • Google – You can search for google and take up 5 seconds whereas this app take 1.
  • WhatsApp – Free messaging and mass group chats.

That’s all for now. Speak soon. Interaction appreciated!

Lots of love, Em Xxx

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