What’s Wrong with Being Confident?

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A confident girl is a happy girl. Anyone who is confident gives off a really lovely aura and is a really nice person to be around. But there’s a difficult part. How do you show confidence without looking cocky or people thinking that you are full of yourself? I want to strut down the school halls, but I don’t want to look like I’m in love with myself. It’s a tricky one. I struggle with it all the time.

Honestly, I try to just make myself look more put together. New hair style, extra makeup. But that’s just so I feel better and I can hold my head a little higher. I’ll pull my shoulders back and smile more. I noticed that I have a tendency to have a sort of resting bitch face. I noticed for the first time the other day, so I try to smile more, or at least look a bit happier. It can be hard to keep a full grin all day.

I recently started a second Instagram account where I post very vain selfies. I think some people will see it as me being self obsessed or something. But I don’t care, because I see it and I am happy because I have had the confidence to post them. Who cares about how many likes? Not me.

It’s funny, because building self confidence was the first thing I posted about on this blog, and yet it’s the thing I struggle with the most. It’s not actually being confident. I know how to be confident. But it is knowing how much confidence so show and whether it is worth being confident, am I going to embarrass myself even more if I mess up? Will people laugh at me for thinking I know something that I don’t? Somehow it is more embarrassing to be confident and get it wring than make it obvious you don’t know and are guessing.

One day, when I am no longer an awkward teenager, I might figure it out. For now, I am a mess and remain to be.

Anyway, speak soon.

Love, M Xxx

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