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Everyone needs to take a moment for themselves. Everyone that ever was, is and will be will go through tough times. Life is tough. Lots of difficult choices and decisions which can impact us in a large way and for a long time.

Sometimes we all need to take a moment or seven for ourselves.

How do I do this?

  • Hot bath. Always works. Bubbles and music and serenity.
  • Music. I will either listen to it or play around with my guitar and sing along loudly.
  • Self care. I like to paint my nails, or use a nice facemask or something like that.
  • Reading. I really like to reread books, something familiar to take a break. Reading a new book is nice and exciting but reading something I know makes me feel settled and calm.
  • Blog! I like to spend time thinking about another subject and putting it all together in an essay style presentation then show it to the world. I really love it.

My challenge for you: take a moment for yourself and try something on this list or any of your own ideas!

Lots of love, Marli Xxx

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