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Sunday is a special day in many ways. The Christian day of rest. Church. But for the non-religious ones, it’s the day of the week when you get to sort your life out for the next week. I just use it to finish homework, set a couple goals for the week. Reflect on what happened in the week, and just be. This post is an ideal/most common sort of routine and what I try to do every week.

My Routine

I usually wake up early (unintentionally) because I do in the week. I’ll grab a book, (I’m currently reading ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee) or maybe my laptop and blog a little. I will try to stay off my phone but by about 7:30 I’m usually checking Snapchat and YouTube. I’ll get up at anytime between 9 and 10 and I’ll go on a dog walk with my mum and dad.

It’s usually lunchtime when we get back and we’ll have our stereotypical Sunday lunch which consists of cheese and crackers and ham and all that stuff and we often watch a film afterwards. Once that’s done, my proper Sunday starts.

I’ll go up to my room for about 4 and start my homework which usually takes about 2 hours. I’ll then tidy my room and go run a bath. If I have a bath bomb, I’ll grab that, take a couple of candles and light them and take around 3o minutes to just relax, wash my hair, shave and exfoliate. I’ll get out, use my favourite moisturiser and dry my hair off and go down for dinner which is usually a Roast or another family dinner. I’ll go to bed at around 9 which just means I can get a good rest for my awful Monday morning ahead.

And, another good thing about Sundays, I post my blogs!

Sorry, this was a short one! Hope you liked it though!

Love you, Em Xxx

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