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It’s almost time to start thinking about study for some of us! I think that these tips work really well for me and I think they might work for you. They have saved me from failing mid-term tests and end of topic assessments. If you don’t need them right now, it would be good to remember them for the future.

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This may seem like an obvious one, but you have got to know how to do them properly. The way that works for me is Noting down one subject on one side of the card, a similar topic on the other side and then questions about each topic on another two cards and the answers on the other sides. I then hole-punch them and then put a keyring through them and carry them wherever I go for constant testing!


When you are starting a mass testing period (end of year etc)or a big exam in general, make a revision timetable. In my school, we get a revision timetable, but you could make one of your own! Get every piece of free time you have and divide into sections of important subjects. Make sure (although boring) you revise the subjects you struggle most with more. You can’t just revise all of your favourite subjects because the whole point is to get you ready for tests, and if you can’t do that, what’s the point!

Teachers/Professors or whatever

Pretty unbelievable but they are there to help. If you don’t know the answer, teachers will help you more than Google! They are being paid to help you with a subject so just ask them. Don’t be afraid. I mean if you are worried they’ll tell you off for not listening just say you tried to research at home and tried to understand. They shouldn’t really tell you off so don’t worry.

Study Breaks

Some people can go on and on with revision for hours and not lose any motivation and do this successfully. I’m telling you, I can’t do that. So, every 10 to 30 mins, take a break. Go to the loo, get a drink, just re-prepare yourself for the next session.


When I was told to start revising for a maths test (for the first time) I was under the impression you put everything on flashcards. You don’t. With maths, practice questions are the best way to revise. With something like R.S, it is mostly terminology to remember, so flash cards are good. Then with something like physics, it is a bit of both!

I hope these tips help you for now and the future! Feel free to share any more in the comments section! Don’t worry about putting your email down, it’s for protection and safety purposes only! (I can’t spam, I don’t even know how! haha)

Love you all!

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