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So I’ve decided for my first ever post to talk about self confidence.
Many teens and even adults suffer from lack of confidence leaving them feeling alone, unsafe or feeling like they’ve missed some good opportunities.
It’s common. You’re not alone. I felt like this but it had to change.
I want you to read this and finish and walk away ready to #slay the day! Sorry about the rhymes 🙂
I’ve put together the tips I followed to raise my confidence. Have a look…

Waking Up

My first tip is to do with getting up in the morning. Maybe have a shower, only quick, but always remember that the best way to finish a shower is to really quickly switch to ice cold water and stand under for about 2 seconds.
Then make sure you jump into a warm towel. It will wake you up.
You could change your appearance!
Try a new hairstyle!

Changing Your Mindset

My next tip is changing your mindset. If you think about not wanting to do stuff and think grumpy, then you will be.
“I’m tired. This is boring. I’ll go watch Telly.”

No you won’t. It’s 9am, you’re painting for your art homework and that’s your favourite subject! You’re not tired, you only think you are! You’re not bored, intelligent people don’t get bored! OK, rant over.

Be Kind

My third tip is about your actions. Hold the door open for that horrid supply teacher, give your mum or dad a hug and tell them that you love them!
Maybe you could go and volunteer at a charity or an old house. I volunteer at a National Trust house and I love it.
Give back to others. Making them happy will raise your confidence!

Most importantly, Smile!
It makes you happy!

Self Pep-talks

My fourth and final tip is giving yourself a pep-talk. You’re about to leave, but you catch sight of yourself in the mirror.
That human being in the mirror is beautiful and clever and strong. Tell them that and they’ll feel better about it!
Here’s a few things to think about

☆ People aren’t judging you as much as you think!

☆ Be yourself because no one is going to be you, for you 🙂

Now go out there and be you!!!
See you next week!

Love, Em Xxx

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