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I could’ve been the blogger that posted back to school tips in the back to school season. But, alas, that’s not what I do. Then again, most people have lost the “This is my year!” motivation by this point, so if I post these tips now, it makes sense. Right?

School is hard. In fact, school is the hardest it has ever been. I have compiled a list of all the best tips I can find to hope that you (and I) will be motivated to continue to be the best little snowflakes we can be.

Tip #1

DO. NOT. PROCRASTINATE. Yes, it is very hard. But think of the guilt-free fun you can have after the work is done.

Tip #2

Be honest with your teachers. It’s very likely they will see through your lies. I forgot to do my homework once, the teacher was coming round checking in our books. This teacher was infamously scary. I thought of telling some intricate lie about I brought the wrong book to school, lost the homework pages, did it on paper and left that at home, but in the end, I decided to tell the truth. He looked me straight in the eyes and said “Well, that’s embarrassing.” and then went to the next person. That won’t always be the case, but sometimes lying will get you into even more trouble.

Tip #3

Be nice to your teachers. Normal kindness is a must for everyone, but if you offer to help them carry things or open doors for them, they will begin to like you and be a little less harsh on you. Just a little tip.

Tip #4

Stay organised with a notebook or planner. My school gives them out, but I don’t know how many other schools do that. Anyway, it is a definite must.

Tip #5

If you miss a day of school, CATCH UP. It will help you so much and if you go directly to the teacher, it will help you even more with tip #3.

Tip #6

Find good friends. I know that school is hard to handle on its own, but getting some good, strong relationships will really help you. Make friends with people who will be good influences, and if a friend does not care about you, cut them off. You don’t need them.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to continue with your school journey with a positive attitude and will be excited to continue learning!

Love, Marli Xxx

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