RED January (Part 2)

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I did it! I am so lazy. It was not fun, I missed days in January and I did not enjoy it. But I did it. I think my dog enjoyed it more than I did. However I have learnt things about myself and keeping fit and that running can make you feel amazing. Some days I had left it too late to run, but I sprinted a really short lap and afterwards I just felt incredible. I weirdly felt like should do something like homework or chores. I really felt like a different person! Because I never want to do homework.

I learned all things that my parents had told me and have gone to bed tired at night. In the world we live in, especially the teen world, it is very easy to lie around in bed restless which can ruin the next day. I slept well through every January night.

It has had a huge impact on my mental health too. I feel happier and lighter and clear-headed. I used my run/walk to reflect on the day, therefore feeling better about myself and the world. If I missed a day, I felt guilty, but I also felt a bit sadder. With the running I did, it gave me time to think about how I had reacted and felt throughout the day. I listening to some bangin’ tunes and it lifted my spirits completely.

I learned to take of myself, I felt like I had to eat healthier and be careful about what I ate. As a family, wechose to eat healthy breakfasts, and I didn’t snack during the day and made small life changes, which felt so big! I think running is something everyone should try. I’m completely in love with it. And I am a very lazy person!

Love, Marli Xxx

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