‘Quarantine’ Diaries Part 2

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This Monday was the start of my online schooling. I was excited honestly which is weird I know but I’ve always wanted to know what being homeschooled is like. Now it’s Wednesday, and looking back I can tell you that it is pretty bad. I feel like if I was in a younger year, it wouldn’t be too bad because I would have meaningful stuff to do. Being in Year 11 with no exams to look forward to, it is very boring. I’m being sent schoolwork to do for no reason whatsoever. It feels really pointless and like a waste of my time, but I can’t do anything about it because my teachers want me to send them the work. But apart from schooling, quarantine isn’t terrible. I’ve been having nice lazy mornings. Instead of my half-hour walk to school in the morning, my desk is two metres away from my bed.

I’ve been going for walks with Ellie, doing puzzles, watching movies, playing Sims 4 too much and more. I’m not as bored as I thought I would be, but it’s not great bearing in mind that it is the sixth day of quarantine.

I’ve been experimenting with breakfasts, I’ve had smoothies, toast, eggs and all sorts. It’s not that interesting, but when you have some breakfast biscuits on occasion most days, anything is better.

I’ve also been taking pictures every day at the same spot at my local lake. I’m gonna put them together in a little stop motion video at the end, that will be fun.

My projects are going pretty good. I’ve made some new clothes, skirts and tops and things. It’s fun, to be honest. My canvases should be arriving today, then I can do some painting. This is gonna be fun.

Look after yourselves. Wash your hands, stay 2 metres apart and only buy necessities.

Love, Marli Xxxx

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