‘Quarantine’ Diaries Part 1

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So my first three days of quarantine were very interesting. My yr11 was cut short, so we had an impromptu leavers day, shirt signing, pictures and speeches. Tearful goodbyes all around. It was so emotional, I feel like it was more emotional than any other leavers day because we were still mourning the loss of our GCSEs and then we had a day and a half to prepare to say goodbye to our friends of 5 years. I left halfway through the day because I didn’t want to go to the gym, it’s a high-risk place to be.

When I came home, I was sad still, I facetimed my friends and cried a bit together. It was a strange day. To console myself, I decided to watch twilight while doing a puzzle. Actually, I haven’t done a puzzle in about 8 years. I had actually watched the first twilight the night before. I felt like rebelling so I watched twilight at midnight. It’s sad really that I rebel by watching movies! On the Friday, I watched the last four twilight films because I was still sad and angry at Bojo. He had to though really. Nobody was expecting that bombshell though!

I ate my dinner in front of the tv and fell asleep too late. I hope this doesn’t become a pattern.

On the Saturday, I woke up and the reality really set in. I wasn’t going back to school until September and I would be in sixth form. Still spooks me to write that. I finished my puzzle over breakfast. My coping mechanism for things like this is to tidy my room. In a  stressful situation, I just tidy my room, it distracts me, feels productive and then I have a nice room for a while. I started to go through some old clothes, I ‘m going to revamp my old clothes and make some new things. Then, I sorted my shelves and then my desk and put a huge pile of my stuff on the floor so I could use my bed to go to sleep. I put the finishing touches on my mothers day present. I made her some origami flowers. They were pretty cute actually.

On Sunday, I gave mum the origami flowers, she loved them. Success!

I finished tidying my room and it is so pretty. I hoovered too. The floor is clear, the sides are disinfected (can’t be too safe when quarantined during a pandemic), and then I bagged up some donations and then my room was finished. I made these little DIY polaroids a while back. They are really small and cute. I put filters on them to make them polaroidy and then put sticky-back plastic on both sides of them. It was a lot of effort, but they look so cute! I made around 60 of them. I have had these copper firefly lights from Primark and they’re so pretty, but I didn’t know where to put them. My solution was to attach my mini polaroids to them and nail the lights to the wall. I did that with some tacks and then hooked them around in a little snake. It worked so well and looks so cute!

I also went on a walk with my mum, we walked to our local golf course and walked our dog. I think we stayed out too long because we were exhausted, but it was really good to get out. We stayed two metres from anybody we passed and chatted about everything we wanted to achieve while I have 6 months off school!

I made an apple crumble for dessert. I haven’t made one in years, but I know the recipe ao well that it took around 15 minutes to make. It was super tasty and a success. I have online school tomorrow and that will be interesting for sure.

I hope this quarantine doesn’t last forever.

Speak soon,

Love, Marli Xxx

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