Necessary Fashion Rules/Tips

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Can you never find anything that matches? Are you always struggling with which fashion accessories to wear? Need some tips? You have come to the right place!

These are all the fashion rules I’ve learned from mostly my mum and close relatives! Also a little bit of personal experiment.

The Tips

  • If you have a piece of slightly translucent clothing, always wear grey underwear. Never wear nude coloured stuff, it shows straight through!
  • To wear a loose fitting or bright top half, you’ll need a tighter fitting or less colourful bottom half or visa versa.
  • If you have a plain jumper or top, go for a longer necklace
  • If you have a low neckline, go for a short, small necklace
  • While you wear a feminine outfit, go for feminine jewellery
  • I find that wearing a long necklace with a short one or a choker is a nice combo
  • I like the trend of wearing lots of bracelets on each arm, I did that a lot in the summer
  • Black is quite a slimming colour
  • Sometimes, if you are wearing an all black/neutrally coloured outfit, try experimenting with contrasting bag and shoes
  • Skin tone matched shoes can make you look taller
  • I find that a darker bottom half usually goes best with a lighter top half

Hope you got some really good fashion tips! Have fun being beauty queens!

Bonus tip: Get a compliment on your outfit? Take a picture and remember for when you are in a rush

Love you all, Em Xxx

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