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It mentions in my little blog tag line about this being a fashion blog and yes, I haven’t actually written any fashion blog posts yet. So, here goes…

Okay, so. I’ve never really been one of those girls who truly follows the fashion for my age group. I noticed this when we had a ‘mufti’ day at school, and I swear that I was the only one in a skirt and tee. With a really cute bow belt by the way. Everyone was wearing a branded, long-sleeved shirt and skinny jeans. I, like most people, went out and bought an Ellesse crop tee. Being young and under the impression that branded clothing would gain you popularity, I went and bought all £25 pounds of it. Biggest mistake of my life. Not only did it not suit my body shape and personal style, I looked like everyone else! I have never liked fitting in. I always wanted to be that person you would remember, that one person to make an impression. Sticking to my strange boho girly style, I was perfectly fine. Right, enough stories, let’s get stuck in!

This Spring has been all about the Spring Jackets. My fave, from Zara, is light, warm and goes with anything! Handy pockets and cute double button up make it the ultimate Spring/Summer jacket.

The weather is still, occasionally chilly, so the long sleeves make it ideal. I’m a huge fan of the colour and style. I bought this when cold-shoulder tops were everywhere! The stripes definitely give it some personality and it’s very feminine with a nipped-in waist.

This floral vintage neckband is gorgeous and great because you can use it as a head band, neckerchief and even a dog collar! Really cheap and a perfect little addition to any outfit! 

Okay, I admit it, I have a small obsession with belts. Thick ones, plaited ones, tiny ones, but my fave is this one. Thick and with a huge buckle, it adds on beautifully to any outfit. It’s cheap and only Primark but that doesn’t let it down! 

Hope you liked this post! If you want to read more fashion posts, comment below! 

Love, Em Xxx

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