My Top 10 Books 2018

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I did a list of books when I first started blogging and I wanted to do an updated version. Plus it was very impersonal and general. This is more personal as it the top ten books that I have read this year.

10. The Lord of the Flies – William Golding

I am studying this book at school. It’s not the most invigorating read, but if you read symbolically with every character and event representing something the whole book makes a lot more sense.

9. The Great Gatsby

A very good book, read it right at the start of the year so don’t remember too much but it really is a very good read, I do recommend.

8. Ruby Redfort – Lauren Child

It’s a kids book about a 12 year old but I still love them. I read the second book and the books are so good.

7. Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare

Beautiful sad story that everyone knows, but you’ve got to read the script of the play.

6. Sweetfreak

A spooky story about trusting your friends. Definitely makes you rethink your friend group but it’s all ok.

5. One of us is lying

My friend actually revealed the ending of this book but I won’t do that for you now. But a really good book.

4. All the bright places

A dark book, dealing with the mental health of teens. Not all books have a happy ending.

3. I am thunder

A book that deals with religious discrimination and the stereotypes that we can be lead to believe.

2. The Sun is also a Star

An adorable story about teenage love. It’s honestly really cute and so good

1. 13 Minutes

A creepy story with an unexpected ending. Watch out!

I recommend all of these books. Have a good time reading them! They should all be in good bookstores and the teen/young adult section in libraries.

Love, Marli Xxx

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