My Spring/Summer Morning Routine

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Monday Morning:

6am – Wake up. I wake up at 6 everyday, even at the weekends. Then I lounge in bed, or write a plan for the day

6:30 – I like to do a quick follow-along workout on YouTube. I’ll link my favourites at the bottom.

6:45 – I’ll grab a cup of tea and check my socials, read the news and chat with my Mum and Dad about anything and everything.

7:15 – I’ll put in my contacts, get dressed, do my makeup and hair.

7:30 – At this point I like to get breakfast. I’ll have a bagel, cereal or an egg or two.

7:45 – I will pack my school bag, do my teeth and grab any last few bits.

7:50 I leave the house for my bus at 8am.

This routine has been developed over a very long time and I have tried lots of different ways of getting around the morning but this is my favourite way.

I wish I could do more in the morning. But still I don’t do all of this everyday! I do try though.

Do you have a routine or do you wing it everyday?

Are you ready for summer yet?

Love, Marli Xxx

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