My Last Year of School

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A Rant

So I have just started my final year of school. It was all going well until it hit me, all the things that come with being in the last year. One more year of uniform! It’s our last year of studying so many subjects, last year of being told what to do, one more year before I’ll be forced to start thinking about my adult life and career. To be honest? I don’t know if I’m ready for all of that.

All I ever wanted was to grow up when I was younger. Now I am growing up and I want it to slow down! I think that all through primary school and early secondary, everything goes nice and steady, growing up slowly. Then, kaboom, turn sixteen, you have to think about the A levels you might want to take, to decide which University you might go to take the course which might be your job as an adult. You have to start thinking about spending money wisely, saving for your future. Should I start working soon? Should my relationships be more serious? Then you think, shoot, I should probably do my homework first.

We, in our late teens, are now getting chucked into the adult world. Some of us are ready but some of us are not. We start getting so many opportunities and we are put in so many situations, and sometimes? It’s hard to balance. In times like these, you should slow down. Stop and think. Prioritise. As soon as things start to get serious, we can get stressed and confused and when you get like that, nothing gets done. Slow down, make good choices.

To conclude

I think this blog is starting to become a place where I just release all of my thoughts and ideas and it helps. I have my little zone where I just let go. Clicking post is the most satisfying thing in the world.

Sending love,

M Xxx

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