My 15th Birthday

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I’m 15! My birthday was last Sunday.

I spent the day with a few friends and family. I had a little mini party on Saturday night and we ordered pizza and sang loudly. Sometimes, a big greasy pizza is the best thing in the world. I opened a couple presents from them and I got things like makeup palettes and chocolate, I have amazing besties honestly. The group of us went to an escape room in town. We didn’t get out, but the man said we were one of the best groups of our age.

We slept in my living room, it was a squeeze but it was enjoyable. They wished me a happy birthday at midnight and then we slept. For some stupid reason I decided to wake up at 3 then couldn’t get back to sleep haha. For breakfast, we decided to make doughnuts and dipped them in sugar and the melted chocolate that we had leftover from the chocolate fondue we had!

They left at 9 ish and then we parent gave some birthday gifts. I got some clothes, vouchers and more chocolate. I also got this stunning Pandora ring! After that my aunt and uncle came round and some cake was eaten and they had got me some makeup and more chocolate, we said our goodbyes, then I was off to my rehearsal for our school production! I met some friends but it finished early so got home quicker than expected.

At about 5 pm my dad told me to get dressed into something nice to wear out and then we went out to our favourite restaurant and had the best meal. We are early but had a huge meal. I went to bed nice and early at 9.30, but couldn’t have been happier.

It was the best birthday yet, I so happy to have such lovely family and friends!

Love, Marli Xxx

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