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I wasn’t to sure what to do this week, but one of my besties gave me the idea to do a morning routine. So I’m gonna do that, but with a twist. So here’s the products I use in the morning.

My Routine

When I first wake up I usually use my favourite EOS which is currently Blueberry ????.

Occasionally I’ll use a hand cream. My favourite is a lush cream called ‘Sleepy’. It’s lavender. I love lavender.

If I have a shower that morning then my Shampoo is Matrix which I found this to be the best of my hair texture and colour and style and the conditioner is also matrix because they work really well together. So my shower gel is currently¬†Dove, it washes off leaving a wonderful smell and a smooth skin texture so I start the morning feeling great. Then I’ll get out of the shower and I’ll just put my hair into a parting to the side and I’ll put another product in my hair. It’s by KMS and its called ‘Free Shape’ and it protects your hair from heat and halves the drying time.

I wash my face with a Clearasil face wash just cause I can. Well, it actually work really well for clearing/preventing spots. I’ve got few (a flippin’ bunch) that are just on their way out (fingers crossed!).

Then I’ll move onto my make up. my daily make up is a mixture of benefit, miss sporty, natural collection and seventeen. My make-up products are nothing fancy. Just to make me feel better. Just the other day I had to run to the bathroom because I thought I looked dead, but when I came back, my friend didn’t notice a difference.

So there we have it. Short and sweet but there we go.

See you next week!

Love Em Xxx

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