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I’m probably addicted to makeup but I am not good at it. I have improved a lot from when I started experiments 4 years ago. I have learned a lot in this time. Having an amazing mother to give me lots of tips is great. Here I have combined them in an A to Z format.


Always wash your brushes


Cream blush looks really natural

Damp beauty blender

Eyeshadow looks are most successful when it matches with your eye colour. (post on that coming soon!)

Foundation mixed with moisturiser makes a perfect, light consistency

Go crazy with lip colours!

Highlight in the right places and get the right colour for your skin

In the sun, ALWAYS wear sun cream, even if you can’t see the effects, they are still there

Jawlines can be made stronger and sharper with contour and bronzer underneath it

Know your skin type (another post coming soon!)

Lighter concealer under your eyes to look awake!

Match to your skin tone

Never forget to moisturise

Over plucking your eyebrows is terrible and they will never be the same

ressed powder to set

Quality of makeup application over quanitity

Remove all of your makeup every night

Setting spray is such a lifesaver in the summer!

Try to get as much sleep as possible every night

Use the right type of brush

Vaseline is really good as an eyebrow setter and also for your eyelashes

Wash your face!

marks the spot! If you feel like concealing your spot (which you do not have to do so!) do it properly to make sure you don’t end up highlighting

Your face likes routines

Zit products work really well if you use them regularly

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