Loving Lanzarote

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I spent a week, over half term, in Lanzarote in a little villa. We were right next to the volcano, which we walked up one day.

We spent most mornings exploring, whether in volcanoes, on the beaches or in the local supermarket. We always spent the afternoons by the pool, tanning. I actually tanned for the first time ever! I always burn badly, but I took some very extra approaches and it paid off.

We bought lots of fancy foods, very treaty and delicious. When self-catering, you can make whatever you fancy for dinner.

The pool was heated, but not too much, which was nice so we could cool off when it got too hot.

We had a look around all of the shops, but it was too expensive. I mean, very very expensive.

The town was nice, not too much to look at, but lots of places to eat and drink. We had lots of Tapas throughout the whole week.

The view from the volcano was beautiful. It was beyond comprehension really. The volcano shaped the whole island and it was super cool. You could see almost everything from the top!

I bought a few gifts for friends back home when I went shopping on the last day. Just some small bits and bobs.

A very silly little bucket list goal I checked off was taking a connecting flight. It’s a little silly, but something I wanted to try, and I did it! I really enjoy the feeling when you lift off the ground, so I was very happy to experience that twice in one day.

If you ever get the chance in life, do go. It’s beautiful and sunny, I really loved every minute.

Lots of love,

M Xxx

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