Living by the Sea

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I have lived by the sea in a seaside town all my life. Now, I couldn’t imagine not living in one. Sure big cities are fun and exciting but I think that the beach is so lovely to pop down to at any point. Dog walks, parties and more.

Whenever I am away from home, I really miss the sea. Which is weird, because as I stated in a previous post, I hate the sea. I guess you could say I am just scared of it. I just hate the really unknown side of it. It is so deep and scary and we can’t survive I it without technology and I am getting shivers just thinking about it.

The actual beach is so pretty though. Where I live, the sand is so soft and the beach is so long!

I really enjoy writing posts like this, where I just write random things about a topic. I could write for hours. I really recommend it to clear your head. Pick a topic and just write and write and write. I love it a lot.

I had this post idea a very long time ago and I’m not too sure what my plans was to write about, but I think this was it!

Love, Marli Xxx


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