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Ever feel too lazy to do your hair? Not enough hair clips? Hair looking flat? I’ve got the tips you’ll need to look a million pounds (cuz I’m British) 24/7 🙂

  1. Tame frizz – As a competitive gymnast, I need to have my hair in a slick pony-tail/bun for training/competitions, this isn’t easy to achieve with blasted baby hairs. To tame down frizz, get an old toothbrush, cover the top of your head in hairspray and before it sets, brush the toothbrush over your head, sticking down the baby hairs. This is a really simple, effective hack so go give it a try! 
  2. Dry shampooing – When you need a wash but time refuses to allow it, you can use dry shampoo. You can use it by just spraying in, rubbing it in then brushing out. But doing it before bed, and leaving in overnight, will distribute the powder all over your head, giving you the best looking, fresh hair. You can brush as soon as you wake up and have perfect hair
  3. Texture – Spray hairspray or salt spray in your hands and scrunch the ends of you hair. It will volumize your locks giving you an ultra sassy boost of confidence!
  4. Secure bobby pins – If you have straight locks that causes bobby pins to constantly fall out, this hack is for you. Lay a towel on the floor, put your bobby pins on it and spray them in hairspray. Then just put them in your hair and they should stay. For extra coverage, spray more hairspray where the pin/s are and that should help.

I did have a video for you, but it won’t upload onto WordPress; I’m terrible at technology and nothing works. BUT, should I upload it onto a separate LittleEm YouTube account? Or am I running away with myself? Random thoughts with Em <3

This was short but I’ve got a bit going on so, yeah. See you next week!

Love, Em xx


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  1. Grace Taylor says:

    So buying that salt spray after Father’s Day ????

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