Inequality of the Sexes – A Research Project

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As part of my English GCSE, I must complete the spoken language section. This involves writing and presenting a 5-10 minute speech about a chosen topic that we are passionate about and argue your points. Many chose vegetarianism or veganism, some talked about anti-vaxxers but I decided to research and write about the inequality of the sexes.

This is something I have always been passionate about. I believe that all genders should be equal and no discrimination. However, to be controversial and outrageous, I decided that my main title would be ‘Why I believe the sexes will NEVER be equal’.

I won’t get into the details of said speech, but I will, however, tell you about some of the things I found out.

My Findings

I started off talking about how the sexes were different in the past. Some of the things I found out were just so sad. Some were just disgusting. Things like women not having custody of their children, so if their husband died, they would not legally have custody of her own kids!

Also, the adverts? Sexist. The men out working 9-5 jobs while the women tend to the children and the home. And take this article in a 1950’s magazine. My favourite parts are, ‘His conversation is more important than yours’, ‘make sure dinner is always ready for him’, ‘make sure the children are presentable for his return home’. This article is called ‘How to keep your husband happy’.

There is also an article telling young ladies about how to get a husband. My favourite parts include, ‘If he is rich, tell him you like his money, the honesty will intrigue him’, and ‘Sit on the airport bus back and forth from the airport’ and ‘If your mother is fat, tell him you take after your father, if your father is fat, tell him you are adopted’. Not only is this really bad advice, but it is also putting forward the idea that a woman must find herself a man. And that she will be unhappy without one.

There is also a lot of sexism against men too. Have you heard of Toxic Masculinity? It is this idea that men must be strong and brave all of the time showing no emotion or weakness. This has stopped so many men from reaching out for help. That’s costing lives. It is just too sad to think about.

I hope you have a good rest of your day.

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