I Love Coffee

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I love coffee. But I’m fussy. Not like straight coffee or a cappuccino etc. I am more of an iced mocha person or a Belgium chocolate Frostino form Costa with a shot of Coffee. I love the smell so much but it tastes really strong and bitter. So I prefer mine with something else.

My first coffee was from my school coffee machine. It was a mocha. Me and my friend started a Mocha Monday thing where we would have them once a week. But then it became summer and it was too hot. We then got addicted to Iced Mochas and spent all summer drinking them.

The last coffee I had was in Costa last weekend and I had an iced Mocha. I’m not addicted I swear!

Do you like coffee? What is your favourite kind, or why don’t you like it? Let me know.

Love, Marli Xxx

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