How To Really Wash Your Hair

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The proven best way to wash your hair is very helpful if your shampoo isn’t working or… what am I saying? Basically, you’re doing it wrong. If you read this and find out your’e doing it right, i congratulate you.

I’ve been taking a break to get the blog sorted and other life stuff, I’m back now, being as full time as possible. Remember I’m still very new to this so leave a comment if you have any advice or somethings wrong with the website or you just want to show me your love. I’ve got a few questions to ask you at the end so stick around for that. Okay, in to the main blog…

I’m going to chuck a random guess out there, but I’m going to assume that you’ve been washing your hair all your life. Am I right? Thought so! Me too! Anyway, I’m also gonna guess that you do it like this:
-Rinse hair. If in a bath, you might dunk your head under or in a shower, grab the ‘nozzle’ and saturate your not-so-luscious locks. But probably not in slow-mo, or with some fancy background music. Sorry. Moving on.
-Grab your shampoo and rub it in etc. If it’s a foamy shampoo then make fancy hairstyles and mohawks and they’ll stay until you…
-Rinse the shampoo. What else could I write here?
-Next conditioner to condition your currently saturated lusciously shampooed locks. (I’m sorry) Only on the ends of your hair though! Did you read the bottle?
-This is probably the most appropriate time to use your body washing liquid.
-Then you rinse the conditioner from your saturated lusciously shampooed, newly-conditioned locks. (I really am sorry)
-Then you’re done.
But that ain’t right!!

The proven best way to wash your hair is similar but with a few added details. Let me explain.
-Rinse your hair and get everywhere, all over your scalp. Under your hair, everywhere.
-Then use your shampoo, the best way is to use the shampoo only on scalp. then lift up your hair and rub the shampoo into your scalp. Don’t worry about the ends of your hair though because just rinsing the shampoo through it will suffice.
-Rinse. As normal. (Still got nothing to write)
-Conditioning liquid! (Conditioner, not some ridiculous £1,000 hair product) Right, It gets more complicated here. Put conditioner in your hair from the bottom of your head downwards.
-Body washing fluid.
-Rinse your hair with cold water. Yes. You heard/read that right. It does special stuff to your hair that doesn’t happen with hot water. Don’t be mean, I only know what happens, not why or how or when or where etc.
-If in a shower finish your cleanse by turning the water cold. Yep, I know. Yet I know more about the reasoning behind this one.  So, you know when you wash your face, you wet your face with hot water to open the pores, then the steam cleanses the pores and clears your complexion then you splash your face with cold water to close the pores to stop them get bocked again or infected. Well, you do the same on your body, and in other purposes, such as in the morning when the heat from the shower won’t really wake you up so turn it to cold to brighten your morning.
If you follow those steps already then, Wow. You good.
If not then you should.
So! Hope you enjoyed my hair-washing tips. Comment any suggestions for things you wanna know and follow my Instagram. Should I get a blog Snapchat account as well?

Okay, question time…

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-Any other tutorials/posts/videos/shtuff?
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Thank you for taking the time 🙂 If there are any typos let me know an I’ll change ’em 🙂
Love, Em Xxx
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