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This is the story of Hattie and her Great-Aunt Gloria. Hattie has just discovered that she is pregnant with her best friends baby, and Gloria is in the early stages of Dementia and is very lonely. Both of them need a friend and slowly start to enjoy each other’s company. The go on a road trip that they both need. Gloria needs to face her past which she will soon forget, and Hattie needs to face the choices that will define her future.

Gloria is really struggling to come to terms with her age. She believes that we are nothing without our memories, so when she begins to lose hers, it doesn’t exactly make her happy. Her past was rough, she didn’t enjoy growing up, but she needs to face her past if she wants to help Hattie.

I think that this book was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. When I started reading it, I really didn’t think it was going anywhere. It got to the point where I had to put it down. I picked it up again the next day and began to enjoy it a lot more. I’m glad I stuck with it because it turned into one of the best books I have read in a while.

Again, definitely not for younger readers with some bad language and very dark topics. I really loved the way the point-of-view swaps from Hattie to Gloria and back all the way through the novel. It gives you a really good look at the story and seeing both sides of the story. Sometimes, it’s hard to portray how another character is feeling because people don’t always say how they feel. So if you only have one character, you only get one side of the story.

Time for my ratings

Realism – ♥♥♥♥

Relatability – ♥♥

Plot Climax – ♥♥♥

Big Reveal – ♥♥♥♥

Overall – ♥♥♥

It’s not 5 stars, but it was definitely good. It took a while to get started, but the ending was good. Sometimes a book can be really really good, but then the author hasn’t fully thought through the ending. That is very disappointing and when you get so attached to characters for them to be given such a terrible ending. But that didn’t happen here.

I think the ending of this nook is very clever and really does the book justice. It has a few unexpected twists that really made an interesting story.

I really think this is worth a read, I got my copy on Amazon for about £4.

Lots of love

M Xxx

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