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Sometimes in school I have no motivation to make notes in class. But I found, if you make them pretty, you want to write them all of a sudden.

The only way I can get through school is if I make nice notes. I can’t always have enough time to make them as pretty I would like to, so I have developed ways to make my notes pretty without using colour.

I make my notes with just a biro, and different fonts. A recent set of notes I made was in ethics, and it was a research task on Human Rights. I made a nice title which was the letters in all capitals with a gap in them like a line straight through the letters, then the letters in smaller versions in the gap.

For very section of writing (about half a page), I wrote another subheading in slightly smaller than the title caps again. It wasn’t very impressive but it made them more enjoyable to look at.

When I make notes with lot sections and I have lots of time, (like in theatre studies), I like to use lots of different colours for each heading and keywords. I highlight the keywords or write them in a different colour fine liner. I choose a colour scheme for each subject and do all my notes in that colour.

Give it a go!

Love, Marli Xxxx

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