Happy 2017!

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And good health to all. I wish a happy, prosperous year to you and all your family. On that note, let me give you a list of the best New Year’s resolutions and some little tips and tricks on how to complete them. So without further ado, let’s get started

·         Stop a habit (smoking; biting nails)

This is a pretty easy one to do, but you really want to have to stop. Personal anecdote coming up. I’m not going to lie, my nails were pretty gross before I stopped biting them. I was getting really tired of having ragged nails that I couldn’t paint or make them look nice. There were no ‘cures’ I could find that worked. The tips I could find were things like nail varnish, which didn’t help, I could just bite over them. Nothing worked. I honestly thought it was hopeless. You know what helped me? Pain. As soon as I got braces, every time I went to bite my nails, a searing pain went through my gum. As this went on and on, I stopped going to bite my nails less and less and then, eventually, I stopped altogether.

Other habits can be stopped in the same way. Just force yourself from doing it and the habit will fade away. Some of the best reasons to stop smoking are, health of family (my dad stopped because he didn’t want me to grow up thinking smoking was cool etc) and when you realise what the hell smoking is all about: You are inhaling a gas that turns your lungs black. If you’re not squeamish, look up a picture of smokers lungs, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

·         Learn to touch-type

You’ll probably wanted to start this one by learning roughly where all the keys are and just practise typing until you can type pretty fast. Also take note of the positions of the keys surrounding the letters to help you. This is a good resolution as you will have a skill that will be useful in this highly advanced technology-focused society we’re living in and you’ll probably be learning this for a long time so it will last.

·         Become a friend of the planet

A bit of recycling here and there and pick up litter you see in the street. Just do the best you can 🙂

·         Offer your time (volunteering)

Again, just offer to do all you can. I volunteer at a national trust place as you will find in my Self-confidence blog post.

·         Learn a language

To learn a language takes a lot of patience and skill, invest some time and widen your paths of options. Does that make sense?

·         Read a happy book a week

Next week I will post a full-length list of 30 best books to read, maybe 52? Yeah, 52. To start off this week, read Wind in the willows. Again if you have to.

·         Cook a meal once a week

Help your parents and offer to cook every Saturday! I don’t know.

·         Email a distant relative regularly

Maybe they need a bit of love. Find their email and give them a message and create a nice relationship

·         Keep a Water log  

Get a blank booklet and make a table. Research and regularity. Make it personal and have fun whilst keeping track of your health

·         Start a Bullet journal

A bullet Journal is a personal diary that you make your own. Do you enjoy those personal questionnaire things? Can you not keep a diary? I say yes to everything! All you need is a blank notebook, some coloured pens/pencils, decorations and glue, to started. Let your creativity run free!!


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Happy new year!

Em Xxx

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