Happy New Year!

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And keep celebrating on! Hello everyone! Welcome to 2018 and everything it brings.
I thought for a long time about what to do for my first ever post of this year; last year I did the obvious one, New Years resolutions.
I finally came up with an idea, and it’s different to last years!

I was scrolling through Pinterest and Tumblr, looking for original and heartfelt ideas for presents for my parents. For my dad, I bought a large glass jar and filled it with jelly beans and mint imperials and labeled it “Chill Pills” and he liked it a lot. For my mum, a wrote out 365 different sentences which were either reasons why I love my mum or a quote or a song lyric or a daily challenge. She opens one each morning and it is just a gift that (cliché coming) keeps on giving!

While I was there, I came across some ideas for the new year! Here they are…

Memory Jar

When you experience a fun or memorable moment, write it down and pop it in a jar, I’ve started this and it’s soo cute!

Money Jar

Whenever you workout or do something difficult, put a pound or even a couple pennies it to a jar, and soon you’ll have a good little wage to go treat yourself with

Reward Jar

To be honest, every time you find a penny or every spare pound you have goes in the jar and it tallies up!


Find little quotes, print them or write them out, make cute pictures. Stay motivated!

To-Do Lists

Instead of wasting paper by constantly writing out lists then throwing them away, just make a reusable one! Put a cute bit of paper in a photo frame with the glass, then use a whiteboard pen to write on it, then just wipe it off when you’re done!


This was short but I hope you enjoy!

Em Xxx


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