How to Have the Best Girls Night In

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There is nothing better than getting with your girls  (or any other friends) and having a nice low key party. I have done quite a few and I know what’s up. Which movies do we watch? What do we wear? What do we drink? 😉 I’m going to summarise what I’d say is the best way to do it. You can take what you want, and edit it to make your own perfect night in!

Guest List

The best parties are made by who is there. The mood can be changed by only one person. You have to be sure that the list is exactly who you want. You can’t feel bad about not wanting certain people there. Make sure it’s exactly who you want! I usually have between 2 and 5 guests.

Food and drink

Depends really. Is it all about the food? Or is it all about having fun? If you want it to be all about the food you can have a nice fancy dinner. (Def more an adult thing) But the way I do it is usually, I will order some Dominoes Pizza! We eat that while playing some sort of party game.

Drinks-wise is it a more of a Cider, Water or Wine kind of night. I’d say that is how you define the mood. More house party? Or is it just about having fun? My friends and I usually have some cans of cider just to have a little fun, but feel free to drink more!

We also have some pringles or popcorn because we watch movies. Recently my friends and I have been doing Disney Marathons. It is nice to have a themed marathon, or pick a movie you decided on previously because decisions can take almost as long as watching the film!


If you aren’t focussing on just the dinner, it’s nice to have some other things to do. I have already mentioned Movies, but we also like to play other games like truth or dare, card games and (dare I say it) cards against humanity.

That’s about all I have to say! If you liked any of those tips, use them for your next gathering! You can leave a comment below if you want! Speak soon.

Love, M Xxx



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