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This year I was very prepared. I sorted all of the presents for my friends right at the start of December. I know quite a few people haven’t got fully sorted. To relieve the pressure of the Christmas season, I’ve compiled a gift guide of some great things to get your friends.

To start with, there’s always a little chocolate bar as a good present. Extra points for a cute wrapping paper and little bows.

Next level up from chocolate is an actual big bar of chocolate or special chocolate like Jelly Popping Candy Shells from Cadbury.

Stationery is always a hit with my friends and organisation things, like notebooks and planners are definitely always a winner. I have a row of notebooks ready for use on my shelf, and I am always ready for a new one.

It was one of best friend’s birthdays recently, so for a present, we came together to get her an experience. You know those vouchers that let the person do something they really enjoy? They can be really special presents but not cheap, so best as a group present, but really special. I understand that it is probably more of a birthday present, but its still a gift, right?

Ah the holidays are so close! Christmas!

Love, Marli Xxx

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