Last Minute Gifts for Family

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When it comes to family, especially parents, gifts can be very difficult. My dad always tells me that he doesn’t want anything, so the only possible thing I can get him is a joke present, like a silly pair of socks, or a special homemade gift. Last year I made him an emergency pick-me-up glass of his favourite mint imperials. For my mum, I made her a box of 365 reasons why I love her, daily challenges, quotes and song lyrics. If you start making it now, you might not be finished, you could simplify it. 52? Less? More?

For my grandparents last year, I painted a picture on a fancy canvas. It was only watercolour and it just said ‘merry and bright’. It was awful because I can’t paint for toffee, but they loved it and I’m pretty sure they have it their house, and have had it there all year!

I personally don’t get gifts for my Aunts and Uncles, but I definitely help with choosing them (the ones from my parents).

This year I have made my parents and grandparents something special, but I can’t talk about it just in case they read this post! Unlikely, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Photo albums and other memories always make good gifts and handmade things will always go down a treat.

Sorry about the short posts, but I’m on Holiday soon and will be able to post more then!

Love, Marli Xxx

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