Flying over the Atlantic Ocean – It’s gonna be great

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I have always loved flying. That was when I was young and carefree and happy. Then my teenage ‘common sense’ brain came into action and I don’t like flying any more. The thought of being in a metal tube with wings being 12 Km above the ground, it terrifies me.

I have always hated sailing. Specifically deep water. I learnt about the Titanic when I was fairly young and the idea of being trapped, with no escape, doomed to a certain death. Drowning just seeming like such an awful way to die! I can swim in deep swimming pools, but I have to get up to the surface as quickly as possible. I can’t look at the surface of the water from underneath. It scares me too much. But I don’t know why. The idea of being in very deep water and not knowing what could be underneath you at any point is terrifying.

In less than a week, I am going to fly (for 7 hours mind) over the Atlantic Ocean. I am terrified. But I think that either way I will have to, so there is no point worrying. I am getting over it, slowly but surely.

I am very excited about the holiday that comes after it (skiing in America with my best friends!!) so I will focus on that. I’m taking control of myself. If I feel scared I just remind myself of all the happy things and I instantly feel better.

I will keep you updated throughout the holiday, I’ll take lots of pictures!!

Lots of love, Marli Xxx (she’s not scared)

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