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This is the story of Maisie Winters. She gets into a terrible accident, an electrical fire, and is severely burnt. So severely that the tissue on her face is destroyed and she needed a face transplant. She had it all going for her, a good boyfriend, a loving best friend, caring parents, good grades and amazing athletic ability. After waking up from her induced coma to a new face. She is constantly told she is lucky. She begins to wonder. What is lucky? What makes someone lucky? Was she really that lucky?

The book is her story of coming to terms with her face. But what will she have to change? It’s a great book about what it means to be alive. It reminds you of how precious life is and to treasure it while you still have it.

I really loved reading this. The book flows and I finished it so quickly! The story moves along but it doesn’t necessarily have an ending as such. She just slowly comes to terms with her new life. It is a heartwarming book.

Time for my ratings

Realism – ♥♥♥

Relatability – ♥♥♥

Plot Climax – ♥♥

Big Reveal – ♥♥

Overall – ♥♥♥♥

It’s a lovely book, the characters are realistic and believable. There isn’t really a climax or a reveal, but it is still brilliant.

I really think this is worth a read! You might just like it.

Lots of love

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