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Probably like most dog owners, I celebrate my dog’s birthday. Ellie is 5 now and every year since her second, I have made this for her. I made this recipe myself; it’s a big mixture of all her favourite treats! It’ll be good to know what your pup likes as treats, Ellie loves cheese! Please, please, please don’t substitute this for a meal and do not feed this to your dog regularly. This is terribly unhealthy for dogs and will do more bad than good. The good is you will have a best friend, but a fat one! Don’t ruin your furry friend’s life! This is a special, once or twice a year treat (Christmas). Feel free to adapt this recipe to you (and your dog’s) preferences and share your creations with me on Instagram! Let’s get started!

You will need

  • Half a can of Tuna
  • Cheese/Your dogs favourite treat
  • One crushed dog treat
  • A couple pieces of dry food
  • A spoonful of wet food (if you have any)

(Extras: Peanut Butter, grated carrot, etc)


1. Prepare your ingredients

2. Place in a bowl and mix

3. Squeeze into a medium-sized ramekin and cover in cling film

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4. Place in fridge for around 1 hour

5. Turn upside down and place on a plate and shape if need be

6. Serve (with a candle if you would like but be careful!)

Please remember everything at the start and share your creations with me on Instagram! @marli.ella

See you soon!

Love, Em Xxx

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