Christmas – The Good Old Days

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Christmas is just magical, for all ages. At a young age, its all about seeing Father Christmas and giving each other cards and getting presents. It is so magical. As we grow up our priorities change, but the magic never fades. Maybe I’m wholly responsible for all the gifts I get for my parents and friends and maybe we don’t spend all December collecting Christmas cards to look the most popular, but Christmas is just as special. Traditions change, but again the season is just as magical.

I had lots of traditions as a child which have remained throughout my life, some haven’t though, I don’t get a letter from Father Christmas any more which is very sad. But I must be a big girl now. But I still decorate the tree and my room and make cookies and dress up my dog. I still spend time with my family and Christmastime is all about coming together. I love seeing my family and catching up after such a long time. This year, everyone is coming to my house! It’s a little smaller but we should all fit!

I’m looking forward to giving my Ellie her present, wrapped in tissue paper so that she can open them herself. I’ve got some really good presents for all of my friends and family and the best part is seeing their reactions after a lot of work for a while making, planning and hiding. I’m so excited ahhh!

I know its only a short post but I’m honestly so busy at the moment with school work and Christmas and everything really!

Love you lots, Marli Xxx

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