Christmas Holiday Plans

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This holiday, I am going to make excellent use of the time. I have lots planned, have more that I want to plan and a long to do list.

I will use the time to meet up with friends and organise myself for the new year. I have lots of resolutions, I won’t keep to them, but I like the thought of trying.

I will think about school a little, I’ll write up some notes to stay organised, I’ll probably not finish what I wanted to do but I will have started!

I will tidy my room and make it all very nice for when my grandparents come to stay for Christmas. We have a gingerbread house set that I will make on Saturday and we will decorate our Christmas cake!

We will spend a lot of time watching films and I will have a lot of time to blog for the future!

It’s crazy how soon Christmas is! Tuesday? I’m very glad that I prepared early. The Christmas tree looks amazing and I can’t wait! 

Talk soon? 

Love, Marli Xxx


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