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I decide for summer that it would be a good idea to dye my dark, almost gingery brown hair pink. I thought this was a wonderful idea. My parents did too, which was very very lucky!

School finished and I had my appointment a few days later. So, I got to the hairdressers at 9.30. I was the first in, and I was the last out. I had to have bleach in my hair for 5 hours. 5 HOURS. That destroyed my hair. It was bleached for that long only so the hair went white and the pink colour dye would come out best, if not it would have gone peachy and yellow-y. The colour ended up looking amazing and lasted all summer, it was a little patchy, but still  exactly what I wanted. I got the best pictures at the festival I went to because it was so vibrant and crazy. But as soon as I got home, the troubles started.

The bleach on my hair for so long meant that the quality was ruined. My hair was was dry, brittle and weak. It was splitting and snapped when I brushed it. I got some beautiful products from this beautiful website called Fabriah and that helped so well. I used some Merlin treatments instead of using conditioner and it worked like a dream. However I did have to use it every other day. This was only because my hair was so bad Nothing to do with the products! They worked like a dream.

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(see if you can spot me 😉

My Tips

I recommend doing your research when it comes to hair care. All hair is different. All hair must be cared for differently. Take a look around the internet to see what is best for you. But if you were to ask my advice, I would always say, go to Fabriah. It is brilliant quality and always really beneficial to your hair (not sponsored).

A s long as you keep on a strict care regime, anyone can do bleached hair. Make sure it is good quality if you are really committed. I got mine done at a salon, but when I used to get ombré hair, I used store bought bleach kits and my mum helped me.

Hope this was helpful to you!  If you are interested, you can read my other content too.

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