Birthday Visit to Berlin

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A few weekends ago, I was taken on a surprise birthday Berlin city visit. It all started on the Thursday night.

My mum called me downstairs and told me to close my eyes and put out my hands. She handed me a bag of ‘Globe-trotting’ Percy-Pigs. I thought maybe they were a reward or something. Then she asked me to guess what was going on. I asked if I was going to miss school tomorrow, she said yes, I asked her if I would miss my theatre school on Saturday, she said yes. I asked her if I would miss my school production rehearsal on Sunday. Yep you guessed it, she said yes.

She took my hand and led me upstairs to a packed suitcase. I had to pack a few extra things, but then we were off! We drove to a Holiday Inn in Luton. We slept that night but woke up at 4 to leave to go to the airport. The flight was at 6.30 am and that was when I found out we were going to Berlin!


We arrived at about 8.45 and got a train to the centre and walked to our hotel ‘The Hilton, Berlin’. It was beautiful and very fancy. Our room was a little late being prepped so we sat in the exclusive lounge and ate a little bit of  cake and tea. We left our bags with the concierge to go eat some proper lunch.  We found a lovely German place that had a salad buffet so my mum and I had one of those each. It was really good!

When we finally got into our room, it was stunning! It was huge and very pretty. We unpacked a little before heading out to the Brandenburg Gate, and we got our bearings. It got dark very quickly. We headed down to the Reichstag Building which was very pretty in the light.


After that, we headed to a little shop which had a lot of food and kitchen ware in it. We found the it was unfortunately a French shop, but we bought some chocolate anyway. We were fading fast, so we went back to our room and got a good night sleep.

The next morning we went on the train to visit some special places including Hitler’s Bunker and The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. We grabbed a lunch at a museum cafe and see lots of other incredible memorials.

We had a whole day before going to the airport, flying home and getting into bed for 1 am on Monday morning! It was an incredible weekend and I wish I had more time to see more!

It’s a really good city, definitely recommend a visit!

Love, Marli Xxx

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