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I love having little best friend dates and creative ideas for things to do with friends. Sometimes you need to do a little more than just chat? Activities can be weather dependent, so I’ve included a wide range of things to do.

The Dates

Double sleepover 

Length: approximately 2 days (but you’ll probably need an extra day for recovery)

Cost: free (but you could go shopping)

Activities: to be honest you could do most of these next activities listed but I thought this could be considered a date in itself! You start it off by heading to your besties house in the mid-afternoon(or they could come to yours!) and you can do a few activities like baking, makeovers or playing pranks on siblings. Then you could sleep (or not because why?) and then go out together to do your main activity. You could go for a picnic or shopping or something similar. I will then recommend that you go to the other person’s house for the next night to not cause extra stress to the parents. You can then do another load of activities at the house and then sleep! (or not but you may be tired from lack of sleep the previous night! You will then get up the next morning. You could go straight home or continue with some activities!

Beach day 

Length: I’d say probably a day

Cost: Free if you don’t need to buy a towel or something

Activities: Bring all your beach gear and go down and chill! Don’t forget suncream! Eat ice cream, take cute Instagram photos and play games.

Girly Shopping Trip

Length: One day

Cost: Depends. If you want to window shop you can, but it’s more fun with a coffee or maybe a new item!

Activities: Shopping duh. but you can eat lunch. get coffee, people watch etc

DIY Dates

Length: This is really just a night time activity but it could be done during a double sleepover.

Cost: I think you may need to pre-plan this and get some DIY supplies depending on what you plan to make.

Activities: What me and my bestie like to do is experiment with different recipes for slime but we’ll also make like spa things like face masks and body scrubs. But then you could do useful things like bunting, origami, and fancy bookmarks. but then you could make edible things like lip-scrub. It’s up to you! Pinterest would be amazing here.

Spa Day

Length: Just a day

Cost: Depends if you need to buy any supplies?

Activities: Paint nails, facials, face masks, fake tan, toenails, meditating or anything you want! 

Ok everybody that’s it for now! Enjoy your dates.

Love, Em Xxx

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