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This post follows on from a bit of bedroom cleaning I did the other day. There’s a real bit of self-control involved in doing a thorough clean and reorganising, then keeping it clean. To start, I’ll show you some before and afters.

Well, I took the before pictures when I hadn’t fully unpacked from spending Christmas with family. I think having some new fresh things in your bedroom really makes it look good. Zoella’s products really have the aesthetic that I want in my room, I am loving rose gold and marble at the moment, but so is almost every teen today.

I love fairy lights, so if that’s the kind of look you’re going for, get loads. It just makes such a difference!

With all my hair product, I had some in a drawer, others in a box, others on my table. So I got a little metal basket and put them all in there. It keeps everything in one place and looks nice as well. I used to keep all of my beauty products in my table which would be useless, I would always knock them all over and lose them, so I got a few boxes and jars.

I put sponges, q-tips and cotton pads in a mason jar, all my lip and eyes products in one box and face products in another. All my favourite makeup product so we’re in my makeup bag on the table and all my brushes in a container. Also, the drawing from my bestie lives here! All my spare beauty products that I use, but not regularly, go in the set of drawers underneath my hair basket.

Pillows! They make every bed look great. You could get some statement-y pillows or some neutral ones to go with the theme of your room, after all, it is a bed-room! I have some more, but I forgot to put them on for the photo!

Hope this helps with getting your room sorted and ready for the new year!

See you soon for another post!

Love you all, Em Xxx

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