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Today, a beautiful Sunday, was a day for the beach. The beautiful beaches I live close to have perfect white sand and clear water, on a summer day.

We went down early after a lovely breakfast we went out for. We have a little beach tent which proves as beautiful shade for Ellie, but she got really sandy. It is the beach after all. So, I half buried my Board in the sand and dug a little bed for her in the shaded part. The bed was cold and comfy for her, I would’ve slept there myself! Although it would’ve been too small for me.

It was around 2 ‘o’ clock when we ate. We had pepper and carrot sticks dipped in hummus with ham and cranberry flavoured crisps, which are surprisingly good. After that, I took my camera and snapped a few photos of my beautiful surroundings.

Me and my Dad went into the sea for a bit to cool off and played a new game. We have a foam rugby ball that we play catch with everywhere, and we were throwing it when my dad captured a brain-wave. He told me his idea and we tried it. We played a normal game of catch but without breaking eye-contact. At all. Then we started up the game again not breaking eye-contact and kept playing and we loved it. It instantly got us laughing and enjoying the burning hot sun! We then proceeded to Level 2: Don’t break eye-contact and don’t move. Our feet sunk into the sand as we sunk into fits of laughter.

At around three ‘o’ clock, we decided to get ice cream. However, in true British style, the queue was around 30 minutes long. In fact, we were so hot and sun-burned that we had one last dip in the sea and packed up. We took all of our heavy beach-ware weighed down with sand and sea-water, and lugged it up the zig-zag path on the cliff in the burning heat on our sun-burned backs. It’s okay, don’t feel sorry for me 😉

The good thing was that we found a little café at the top off the hill, we sat with ice cream and soft drinks. Soon after, we walked back to the car. We drove home and finished the day in the garden. Mum and Dad sunbathing. Me? Blogging. Writing the stories for all of you. I say all, it’s mainly just my friends reading this but, I can dream, right?

See you again soon,

Love, Em Xxx

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