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Sometimes, every now and then, you have to enjoy a bit of time to yourself. Sometimes I like to wrap myself in a blanket and grab a cup of tea and bury myself into a good book. Other times I run a hot bath and have a pampering session and use facemasks and bath bombs that I only save for these occasions.

But my favourite way is to lie on my bed (in a blanket, obviously) and write in my bullet journal. I use it as a way to write down my feelings and plan for the future. I will have a post on this in the future. 

I’ve grown up in a cosy house with just my mum and dad. I never had a sibling as a playmate or a torment. But being a bit lonely as a child is more than worth it now, because I have learnt to enjoy my own company. 

I know from my cousins and friends that have a sibling means it is hard to get a bit of peace. Honestly? I think age and time has a huge part to play. I have cousins, (who read this blog so hi!) who have such a wonderful relationship. They argued as younger children, but couldn’t be closer now.

Some call it alone time, some call it self-care. Either way, everyone, whatever age, needs time to themselves. You need to find your way of doing this. I have found mine, I’ve had a lot of time to do so. Some people have too much stress in their lives even as teens and we need to chill. School is harder than it has ever been, adults need to understand that.

I have lots of ways to relax and calm myself. I make origami, read and anything which means I don’t have to move or speak. Everyone needs time to recollect and reorganise. Find your happy, find your calm. 

Promise me that you will spend at least one day soon to yourself. Find your happy place in your own company.

Love, Marli Xxx

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