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I’ve always wanted to know more about the origins of advent calendars because I know that they were never just boxes filled with 24 chocolates. Now there are even ones where you can open a door every day and get beauty product,s nail varnish, lip gloss and even Christmas tree decorations. I also know my Dad had a calendar that he and his brothers and sister would take turns opening everyday, and it was just a Christmassy picture to look at. I’m going to do some research and write my findings here.

According to this website I’m looking at, basic advent calendars can be traced back to the 19th century. Protestants of the time were said to have drawn a line of chalk for day of December. The first known advent calendar can be traced back to 1851.

There was  a little boy who’s mother made him a little Calendar with 24 ‘Wibbele’ (candies). Later this boy went to a printing company to make these in larger scale. Then later with little doors to open. These new traditions started to spread around the world, but the company was closed and the war meant rations  came in and they could be produced.After the second world war, they started to be produced again. Chocolate filled advent calendars were starting to be made in 1958.

Now I will have a look at another website to see if the information adds up.

Another website is saying that people also used to light candles as well as drawing chalk which is also related t the traditions in churches during advent.

It also says that the man’n name was Gerhard Lang.

Turns out the history is way nicer than I thought it would be!

See you on Sunday!

Love, Marli Xxx

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