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I know it’s not really holiday season, but I know people who go away on weekend trips to cities etc. So there is never a wrong time to post something like this. I think that packing for short trips is no easy task. You need to be precise and accurate as you often have limited space and will not need much. Its a skill, honestly.

You have to start with a bit of research. What is the weather like? Always start with clothes. Be smart, what is the temperature? Then it’s obvious, that if it’s cold you’ll need layers etc.

Think about how long you are going for. You wont need to bring your entire wardrobe, but you can’t risk not having enough. Sometimes the small things are the best, think thermal layers, small and warm. You may need swim wear depending on where you are going.

Never forget underwear, that’s usually the first thing I pack, make sure I have enough socks as well!

So, you have considered the temperature, the length of stay, and now consider the space you have. I often just pack a cabin bag for a weekend.

Last holiday I went on, I didn’t have too much space. I wore most of my layers on the plane, That was useful. If travelling by plane, you also need to be aware of the temperature when you get off it. Remember shoes in your bag, and any accessories, like belts, but also pack any jewellery.

Toiletries, you’ll need the essentials, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and any perfumes. Don’t forget sun-cream for a hot holiday.  If travelling by plane put them in a clear plastic bag, but don’t take anything over 180 ml. Sometimes, you’ll need a destination-determined first aid kit for emergencies.

I’ve only covered the basics and gone into too much detail, but I hope it’s enough when you need it.

Love, Marli Xxx


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