Cuddles with my dog

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Often, when you need a hug, sometimes the best hugs come from a dog. They give their cuddles without asking questions or posting into your business, sometimes you don’t want to talk about your problems. All dogs want is to make you happy.

My dog, Ellie, will just give you one little look and it will melt anyone. She’ll give you a little nudge with her paw and it is so adorable. I’m pretty sure she was a Therapy Dog in her past life. Honestly though, Anytime you need a hug, a shoulder to cry on, (or you’re just cold), she’s always there.

There is something so innocent and sweet about her eyes, they say dogs can’t smile but I swear Ellie can, with her eyes. When they catch the sunlight, they go a shade of blindingly bright gold. When it’s dark and you can’t find her (her fur is black) her eyes shine and you see her. Her eyes show such happiness and a face that just says “Give me cuddles!”. Ok I know I am being very biased because she’s my dog, but, I love her, I you would too if you knew her.

This post had turned into a appreciation post for my Dog but it’s really about how they can just love you fully, wholly and truly all the time.

This wasn’t a long post but I’m back to school now, so, I have less energy. A lot less energy.

Love you all so much, spread love and kindness and we’ll talk again on Sunday!

Love, Marli Xxx

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