Christmas Haul 2017

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As with every Christmas haul post comes the statement saying that I am extremely grateful for everything I got this Christmas and I am extremely lucky! I am not bragging in anyway and am not showing off. I saw these going around, liked them, wanted to do it, but I asked you all on Instagram first! If you don’t follow my Instagram, then wouldn’t have been able to vote! (So go follow @marli.ella (Shameless self promo))

Photo quality isn’t great I’m sorry, but I’ll talk about it here. First up is the Sonos Speaker with Alexa, now this is really cool because my family  are loving the sonos speakers and I had briefly mentioned getting one for my room. Better yet, it has an Alexa built in! It’s just so cool!

I got the Badass Blog Planner which I’ve been after for a while. It’s really cool and gives you a year to plan for! Look out for the year ahead!

I got a Zoella hot water bottle and eye mask which is reaaaallly soft like wow. It’s surprisingly good quality and I’m so happy with it, not to mention how cute it is!

I got a few hair things, a new hairdryer, three really good brushes and a hair wrap that keeps hair in place while wet.

I got sooo many nail polishes and they’re all so pretty! I’m wearing my fave now, I’ll post on Instagram tomorrow!

In the big house shaped white box, there was a set of Baylis and Harding bath stuff and I also got some fancy Shampoo and Conditioner and some sheet masks. I tried one and they really are exactly what they are made out it be,

I got two sets of pyjamas, one big and fluffy, one small and, to be honest, rather skimpy! But I them both! I also got a grey snood which I am currently living in.

The black patch in the middle of the photo is actually a pair of black fluffy sliders which are sooo comfy.

And, ya girl got a hot glue guuuun! I’ve been wanting one for ages! Can’t wait to use it!

i got an adorable Calendar/planner to-do list thing and it says “ Hopes, Dreams and Wishes”.

I got the book, “To kill a Mockingbird” and the entire “Twilight” Saga of which I have already read two! Aren’t they just amazing books?

I got a little desk Calendar from Zoella but the sweetest one was the rose-gold frame from my best friend with a hand drawn picture of me and her, it really is beautiful! It has pride of place on my desk!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Cleaning tips tomorrow! Something to look forward to!

Love you all, Em Xxx

p.s. How are you surviving the Crimbo Limbo?

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