9 Reasons You Need a Dog

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I am the proud owner of a 5 y/o Sprocker Spaniel. We raised her from a puppy and she is the sweetest dog alive. Well, I’m definitely being very biased there. She is black with a little stripe of white on her chest and a bit of grey on her chin. She is very intelligent and we’ve trained her to sit, lie down, roll-over and many more.  This is a list of reasons why I think you should have (adopt or buy) a dog in your life.



Dogs will always greet you like they’ve not seen you for 10 years. Even if you go out of their sight for a few seconds. Who doesn’t want a personal fan club?


Studies have shown that dogs have a very strong emotional connection with their owners. They will only want to love you.


All a dog wants to do is make you happy. In the wild, the wolves in the pack wanted to make the alpha happy. You are your dogs alpha and your dog will obey and love you.


Happiness is a state of mind that your dog will do nothing but care for. They will give so much affection so that as so as you thought you couldn’t get any more, more comes along, more, more! MORE!


My amazing maths teacher once told me about a school that brought in a dog for all the Year 6 pupils about to take their SATS to stroke. They de-stress, help anxiety, depression and they can even detect things like cancer, diabetes and help guide the blind and deaf.


Before we got a dog, we had no reason to go for a walk and if we did, it would be boring. Now we go every weekend and it’s actually fun going! We feel a bit lazy but our little Ellie gives us a glare that just says “Please take me out! I’m so bored!” So we end up going out anyway.


Since we’ve had Ellie, we’ve made so many friends at the local dog-walking park! Mum often meets them and gives me a little update on how they are doing. The dog community is such a close one.


I have very overprotective parents that wouldn’t even let me go to the shop on the corner of our road. But if I go with Ellie, she waits outside, I’ll go in, and she protects me. She has a very wimpy bark, but when she hears a noise at our door, she’ll growl and bark. Not loudly at all, but she guards us.


I read that people who are thinking of starting a family, the best advice is to get a dog first. If you feel you’re not responsible enough for children, get a dog and see how it goes.

Please do be aware that dogs aren’t for everyone. I’m not telling you to go and buy/rescue a dog. Give it time. Can you afford it? Do you have enough time? Space? We have a dog that can come into our office. We have enough time for an hours walk every day. Therefore, our dog is sweetnatured, loving and well behaved. That didn’t just happen. We gave her time and love. Could you?

See you next week!

Love, Em Xxx


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