2019 Goals

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This year I want to be more carefree and happier. I am not a sad person but I spent last year worrying too much and thinking too far into the future, so much that I forgot to enjoy what I was doing.  This year I will make the most of the time. I will enjoy every second.

I want to be fitter and healthier so I am taking part in RED January (run every day) and so far I’m doing quite well!

Definitely one if my goals is to keep to my posting schedule. I wasn’t very good at it last year but became alright at the end of the year so I will try to keep it to that.

I also want to fix my sleep pattern. If I don’t get 8 hours of sleep I become a monster that will attack at any moment. I don’t enjoy that either so I’m gonna fix that.

Love and happiness, from Marli Xxx

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